Saturday, July 15, 2006

The 'Quick Fix' Culture...

As the dinosaurs became extinct around 65 million years ago, a small shrew-like animal began its slow evolution to become the new dominant species on the planet...MAN! What is even more startling is the realisation that the remnants of all of those evolutionary adaptations and incarnations are still preserved in our DNA and, in some cases such as the appendix, still visible in our physical bodies to this day! Yes, our climb to the top of the food chain has been a long, slow process of trial & error and survival of the fittest. But do we acknowledge and revere this legacy of nurturing by good old 'mother nature'? No, in the headlong rush into technological supremecy we have trampled rough-shod over her timeworn wisdom! We abuse the planet and, moreover, ourselves daily with polluted air, water and food. We liberally douse inorganic chemicals into and onto anything organic in a bid to outwit nature. We saturate our food with hydrogenated fats, refined starches and sugars and artificial colours and flavours straight out of a chem lab's test-tubes! We lead a more and more sedentary lifestyle, even letting governments and corporations do our thinking for us! Then all hell breaks loose...People are suffering from and dying of cancer, heart disease, strokes and a whole plethora of degenerative diseases. Hypertension and obesity are commonplace in the first world. But do we come to our senses and realise that, perhaps, our ever-consuming love affair with technological solutions for even the most basic of life's needs are to blame? No! We turn yet again to technology and the great god 'pharmaceutica' to take away our ill-health. We consume even more artificial, inorganic chemicals to put right what artificial inorganic chemical pollutants made wrong in the first place. God forbid we ever sacrifice the 'quick fix' in favour of returning to a more natural, holistic and biologically friendly way of honouring the body that 'mother nature' took hundreds of thousands of years to develop! Isn't it time we woke up to the truth? HELLO!

Check this out...CLICK HERE...and really think about it!

For those of you that support the basic human right of freedom of choice when it comes to health care and prevention of disease, please sign this petition! Let's show the Big Pharma GOLIATH that they cannot trample over the Davids of this world without a battle!


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