Saturday, July 15, 2006

Big Pharma's "Triple Whammy" Circular Ploy!

In my previous post I mentioned the seeming contradiction in Big Pharma's efforts to discredit complimentary alternative medicine while using it's subsidiary companies to salt the market with their own inferior brands of 'natural' health supplements! But on closer inspection this turns out to be an exceedingly clever, though underhand, ploy. In fact, it is already having a "triple whammy" of an effect!

  1. The obvious benefit is that by "cashing in" on the general public's dissatisfaction with mainstream medicine and their growing interest in natural prevention and cure, Big Pharma, through its subsidiary companies, is also profiteering from this shift away from pharmaceutical intervention. It may be only a fraction of the profits it still makes on conventional drug therapies, but the greediest of the rich wouldn't balk at prising the penny from a dying man's hand!
  2. By salting the market with cut-price and inferior synthetic versions of these supplements, they are diluting the potency and efficacy of available supplements for the general public (the better educated of us seasoned 'alternatives' wouldn't be fooled by these counterfeits!). They also place 'unfair' competition on the manufacturers and suppliers of the more expensive, less-profitable but genuine and effective supplements. Many of these will be forced out of business, leaving a bigger slice of pie for Big Pharma. Also, when the general public is fooled into buying and using these cheap imposters, they will undoubtedly find them either ineffective at best or positively harmful at worst - thus reinforcing the propaganda machine's contention that CAM and supplements don't work or are harmful!
  3. When Big Pharma sponsors trials into the efficacy of alternative treatments it is usually their own inferior versions that are used. This almost guarantees a finding of "not effective compared to pharmaceuticals" verdict! This further reinforces the general public's negative view of CAM and leads them back into the mainstream medical fold. Couple that with the push for tighter controls on non-drug therapies and supplementation by the CODEX ALIMENTARIUS and the World Trade Organisation (both yielding to pressure from Big Pharma interests) you can see that pretty soon the only medical interventions we will be allowed to choose are the mainstream pharmaceutical variety!

Don't be fooled...


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