Saturday, July 15, 2006

Big Pharma: Who prophits?

Big Pharma, as a global industry, is in the very lucrative business of making a profit on human sickness and suffering. Like any business, its reason for existence is to grow and prosper so it is logical to deduce that, in order to protect its continued profitability, it must ensure that its products are in continuous and increasing demand. Therefore, it is essential that growing numbers of people become and remain sick and in need of pharmaceutical drugs. In light of this it is interesting to reflect that, in the last 60 or so years of growth and power within the global pharmaceutical industry, increasing numbers of people, in the industrialised nations of the world, are suffering from heart disease, strokes and cancer in increasingly epidemic proportions. Now ask yourself this question: If a cure for all of these ills could be found, whether it be a pharmaceutical drug or a natural remedy, what would happen to the pharmaceutical industry once everyone was cured and no longer suffered sickness that required regular medication with drugs? The answer to that is the very reason why Big Pharma has yet to patent any drug that will cure any disease and why it would go to any length to ensure that no-one ever truly gets well via any means! How do they achieve this? Read on...

ADDENDUM: Go here for a chilling example of how one of the Big Pharma big-leaguers, Merck, gleefully informs interested parties how [due to WHO forecasts of increasing incidences of heart disease, stroke, hypertension and diabetes in both the delveloped and developing world] their products are going to achieve stellar prophits for its investors and shareholders!


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